fruit,herbal tea and baggy sweaters

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Hi, I'm from the UK

A girls journey to a healthy diet and exercise. I want to be happy, healthy and look good.

personal blog :

I try to be vegan and eat raw food most of the time.
H: 5ft 9
Sw: 130lbs
Cw: 126lbs
Gw1= 125
Gw2= 120
Ugw=114lbs (new dress and heels )

Intake …

B= fruit salad of kiwi, apple and mixed berries with seeds, green tea

L = hummus with cucumber and pepper sticks , 1/2 grapefruit, walnuts and hazelnuts, green tea  

S = piece of homemade chocolate cake :S blueberries with cinnmon, green tea

D = tofu, pepper, spinch, celery, red oninon, with sweet potatoe , maybe some beans

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Tomorrow’s plan

B= apple, orange and blueberries with seed mix, green tea

S = coffee (black with a spoonful of agave neactar)

L= 2x avocodo oatcakes, spinch, carrot sticks , green tea

S = celery, pepper and cucumber sticks with hummus, green tea

D = ?

S = ginger tea, mixed frozen berries with a sprinkle of dried coconut maybe a banana

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